Your Committee

Following the 2020 AGM held on the Zoom platform, the following Members were elected to the Committee for Season 2021-2022:-


President: Richard Shaw (2020-)

Vice-President: Sabrina Willekens (2020-)

Secretary: Penny Fenwick (2018-)

Treasurer: Charlie Rigg (2020-)

Adviser to Treasurer: Jason Elles (2018-)

Membership Secretary: Sheila Perera (2015-)

Publicity and Programmes: Claire Sawyer (2018-) James Crawford (2018-)

Librarian: Linda Fisken (2019-)

Concert Secretary: Julie Illingworth (2021-)

Concert Organiser: Charlie Rigg (2020-)

Role keeper: Allan Perera (2017-


Section Representatives:-

Soprano : Claire Sawyer (2018-)

Alto: Barbara McAndie (2020-)

Tenor: Allan Perera (2017-)

Bass: Ian Ross (2015-)


Ex-officio member  - Peter Rutterford, Conductor

NB Committee members are elected to a post for a period of 3 years, after which members may be re-elected at an AGM for a further three years.  Dates shown are first AGM at which a member was elected to that post.

Committee 2019-2020

Back: Allan Perera, David Smith, Charlie Rigg, Penny Fenwick, Linda Fisken

Front: Sheila Perera, Claire Sawyer, James Crawford, Catherine Clark, Jason Elles